Crypto Loans

The main advantages of getting a secure cryptocurrency loan on the CryptoBox platform

1. Store crypto assets, use cash

In the long run, cryptocurrencies tend to rise in price. Try to keep them as long as possible. Our platform will allow you to get a cash loan secured by crypto assets, which you will receive back after its repayment.

2. Quick loan

Cryptocurrencies are anonymous money, so our platform provides crypto loan without checking credit history, without additional inquiries and conducting credit scoring.

3. Flexible conditions

You can independently choose the fiat currency or USDT token you need, the method of obtaining a loan – is to a card, PayPal account or bank wire transfer. The term of crypto loan is from 10 days to 1 year. At any time, you can repay a crypto loan ahead of schedule without any fines and penalties. At the end of the cryptocurrency loan term, you can extend it for a new term.

4. Absolute safety

All transactions on the CryptoBox platform are carried out using Ethereum-based SMART contracts, which ensures their transparency and guarantees fulfillment. With the CryptoWizard* application you can not worry about the technical features of the design of a smart contract. A convenient menu and tips will help you easily prepare the necessary data for creating a SMART contract, uploading it to the Ethereum blockchain virtual machine and then activating it. *CryptoWizard application is available for download and free use only to registered members of the CryptoBox platform

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Cryptocurrencies accepted for crypto loans

Currently, the Cryptobox platform offers to obtain a secure crypto loan by the following crypto assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens and stablecoins)

**LTV – Loan to Value. The amount of the loan to the value of the collateral crypto asset