Cardano Loans

Get an instant Cardano backed loan on Cryptobox platform. Use the Cardano (ADA) coins as collateral for crypto loans with the highest LTV up to 85%.

A few facts about Cardano

  • A decentralized platform for software value transfer in a secure and scalable manner
  • Five eras are included in the roadmap – Byron, Shelley, Gauguin, Basho and Voltaire
  • The minimum historical price for Cardano is 0.017354 USD as of 01/10/2017
  • The maximum historical price for Cardano is 1.33 USD as of 01/04/2018
  • Official Cardano Website

«Cardano offers a new technology standard – open and inclusive – to challenge the old and activate a new era of sustainable globally distributed innovation.» information from the official website of Cardano