EOS Loans

Get an instant EOS backed loan on Cryptobox platform. Use the EOS (EOSIO) coins as collateral for crypto loans with the highest LTV up to 85%.

A few facts about EOS

  • It is a platform for decentralized applications
  • EOS tokens are used to pay for contracts within the EOSIO blockchain
  • The minimum historical price for EOS is 0.480196 USD as of 23/10/2017
  • The maximum historical price for EOS is 22.89 USD as of 04/29/2018
  • Official EOS Website

«We realized that selling tokens throughout the year is the best way to guarantee the fair market value of EOS tokens. We hope investor interest will increase as the community continues to become familiar with the EOS software and its benefits.» Brandon Blumer, CEO of EOS