Crypto Savings Account

The main advantages of registering a crypto savings account on the CryptoBox platform

1. Your crypto assets must work

Even when you sleep, your cryptocurrency rises in price. With the CryptoBox platform, you can get even more passive income from crypto assets. Choose the most suitable conditions and terms for the crypto that is in your possession and open cryptocurrency savings account.

2. Worldwide Available

Using the capabilities of cryptocurrencies as an international means of payment, we will help you place and have access to your crypto assets at anytime and anywhere in the world. For example, you can be on a business trip in Taiwan, and your crypto will work in the European IT sector.

3. The first income in a week

You will be able to get your first accrued interest on crypto savings account in a week. At your request, they can be sent either to your cryptowallet or added to the main amount of cryptocurrency savings account to realize the effect of “compound interest”.

4. Absolute safety

All transactions on the CryptoBox platform occur using Ethereum-based SMART contracts. This ensures their transparency and guarantees compliance. With the CryptoWizard* application, you don’t have to worry about the technical features of the SMART contract. A convenient menu and tips will help you easily prepare the necessary data for creating a SMART contract, uploading it to the Ethereum blockchain virtual machine and then activating it. *CryptoWizard application is available for download and free use only to registered members of the CryptoBox platform

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Cryptocurrencies accepted for cryptocurrency savings account

Currently, the Cryptobox platform offers to open savings account using the following crypto assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens and stablecoins)

**annual interest rate – Calculation of accrued interest is carried out daily. Accrued interest is paid weekly.