Ethereum Interest Account

Open a Ethereum savings account on the Cryptobox platform and find out how you can easily Earn Interest on Ethereum (ETH) up to 9.8% APR.

A few facts about Ethereum

  • The first blockchain, which offered not only cryptocurrency, but also the ability to conclude SMART contracts
  • Developer – Vitaly Buterin, a native of the USSR
  • The minimum historical price for Ethereum is 0.420897 USD as of 10/21/2015
  • The maximum historical price for Ethereum is 1432.88 USD as of 01/13/2018
  • Official Ethereum Website

«Small businesses have even more opportunities to use blockchain than large ones. Because the smarter the technology, the stronger it reduces the barriers so that people trust each other, they can build some kind of business together, organize contacts, exchange information» Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine