USDT Interest Account

Open a USDT savings account on the Cryptobox platform and find out how you can easily Earn Interest on Tether (USDT) up to 17% APR.

A few facts about Thether (USDT)

  • It is the leading stablecoin in the world of cryptofinance and is tied to the American dollar.
  • Available on Ethereum, Omni and TRON blockchains.
  • The minimum historical price for Tether is 0,01 USD as of 09/18/2019
  • The maximum historical price for Tether is 1.21 USD as of 05/27/2017
  • Official Thether Website

«Tether is the last and perhaps the most high-profile project in which an attempt was made to use the functionality of the blockchain as a registry for moving digital tokens representing real currency.» Internet portal