Why CryptoBox?

The CryptoBox platform offers unique conditions for working with cryptocurrencies and financial instruments on the basis a blockchain for both lenders – partners who want to provide their crypto assets on for earn interest, and borrowers – partners who want to receive fiat currencies secured by a crypto assets. All transactions are carried out exclusively through SMART-contracts, which excludes the possibility of changing or not fulfilling the originally agreed conditions.

How CryptoBox works with crypto loans and crypto savings account

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We have the most favorable conditions for crypto loans and crypto deposits

Just look at what key parameters we surpass our competitors

CryptoBox Other platforms
Instant Deal Confirmation
International Participants
Cryptocurrency and tokens from TOP-10
Registration via SMART-contracts
Free deposit/withdrawal of funds to CryptoBox
No internal tokens

Why choose CryptoBox?

In addition to all these advantages, we are trying to develop CryptoBox as an innovative fintech company, that offers:

– the ability to independently conclude SMART contracts, issue their own cryptotokens, mobile applications for working with cryptofinancial assets and blockchain technologies;

– we approach individually each client on whose account there is at least 0.1BTC or even 100BTC. The financial adviser will carefully evaluate your wishes and offer the most suitable option for the terms, percent and types of crypto assets;

– being a resident of the special financial zone of Singapore and having received the status of “financial innovative startup”, we are ready to offer the best conditions for services provided around the world, at any time;

– our SMART contracts were tested for vulnerabilities by leading experts in the field of fintech security and information security. As a result, we offer the best solution on the market;

– we combine crypto and fiat money. We allow withdrawal of funds to cards of leading payment systems Visa, MasterCard, Discover, as well as to PayPal accounts;

– CryptoBox is completely transparent to its customers, no hidden fees and charges. Free deposit and withdrawal of crypto assets on system. Our modest earnings are prescribed in a smart contract;

– With our CryptoWizard application, you can quickly manage your crypto loans and crypto deposits, extend, repay early, and flexibly configure to your requirements. For registered CryptoBox users, the CryptoWizard app is free.